TurkSuite MTurk Tutorial

Please cite as: Alper, Morris (2014). "TurkSuite MTurk Tutorial". Available online at http://mturk.mit.edu/tutorial/


0. Introduction
1. The MTurk User Interface
2. Simple Surveys
3. More Advanced Surveys
4. Analyzing Data

4. Analyzing Data

Once workers have begun completing your survey, you can download your results as a csv file as described in section 1. These results can be previewed in any standard database editor, like Microsoft Excel (in the Microsoft Office suite) or LibreCalc (in the OpenOffice suite).

Upon opening the csv file, you will be prompted with a window like the one shown below: (This particular example is using LibreCalc, but Microsoft Excel will show a similar dialog box.)

You do not need to worry about most of these settings. Just make sure that the only checkbox checked in the "Separated by" section is "Comma", as shown above, and press the "Ok" button in the upper right.

Each row is a single worker, and the columns record all the data about that worker taking your HIT. Many of the columns in the file will be self-explanatory. Note that the user-entered data is recorded in columns with titles like "Answer.comments", where "comments" was the name attribute we assigned to the input (or in this case, textarea) tag.